Dish Settings

The settings shown in the systems control unit setup menu are not always accurate. Local installers may use settings that vary from those displayed in the setup menu.

Why can’t I find the settings in my setup menu?
Dish Network’s Turbo HD and 1000.2, as well as Shaw Direct (Starchoice), do not display azimuth, elevation, and skew information on a setup page. In such cases, you can call your satellite provider directly for assistance, or visit Dish Pointer (see more information below).

If you’re using Dish Network’s HD Turbo, you can find azimuth, elevation and skew information through the “Setting by Zip Code” feature found in the 1000.2 Instructions Manual. (To display a PDF of Dish 1000.2 manual, click here.)

Why can’t I find a satellite signal?
If you are having difficulty finding signals using the setup menu values, we recommend Dish Pointer for calculating accurate settings. Their calculator has Multi-LNB setups for Dish Network, DirecTV, Shaw Direct (Starchoice) and more. At their website, enter the location of your stand setup, either by zip code, latitude/longitude, or by using the map on the homepage. Select the model of your dish antenna from the pull-down menu. The calculator will display the correct elevation, azimuth and skew.

Note: Use (magn.) azimuth, not (true) azimuth.

If you are still having problems, call Delsand at 425-879-2929 and ask for support.

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